Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 30, 2017

The Grayling Statement On Plans For Britain’s, But Not West Lancashire’s, Railways

 The last time I checked, West Lancashire was still in Britain. So it was with some bewilderment that I read about the “Rail Update” for Britain by the Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling MP yesterday. “A railway that is predominantly run by a joint local team of people” he said. Some of us were naive enough to believe him.

Rosie Cooper MP said “My constituents will be listening with avid interest, because prior to the general election, the Transport Secretary visited my constituency and said that the reinstatement of the Burscough curves between Burscough, Preston and Ormskirk would be a “quick win” to help improve rail services in the north. When will we get this “quick win”? When will funding for that project, for electrification in the area and for the Skelmersdale railway station be forthcoming? My constituents look forward to him keeping his promise”.

And Grayling replied “Of course, the people of West Lancashire will be getting the benefit of the investment programme in the line from Manchester to Blackpool. It is a huge investment in improving the services on that route. That, right now, is our priority. After that, I hope we will move forward with other projects that can make a difference to passengers in Lancashire and elsewhere in the north-west”.

Sheer political bullshit. How on earth can anybody in West Lancashire now believe Grayling’s “quick win” promise?

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