Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 24, 2017

Stop Moaning, We’re Leaving The EU

  Frank Baybutt of Burscough writes to the Champion to berate “Remoaners with their useless arguments” and to suggest they “Stop moaning because you lost the democratic vote and get over it. We are leaving-full stop end of-and the sooner the better”.

But it seems that leaving will be painful as EU “blackmail” suggests Theresa May is about to hoist the white flag  by telling an EU employee she is prepared to give ground on the “Brexit divorce bill” as Brussels demands a written guarantee of more money to unlock trade talks. The European Council President will make it clear to the Prime Minister that Britain must give a “no strings attached” promise of paying substantially more than the current £20 billion on offer.

Mrs May, who this week won the backing of senior Cabinet ministers to make an offer that could run to 40 billion euros, has not ruled out giving the EU a written breakdown of what Britain considers its financial obligations to be, but will insist on a written guarantee of trade talks in return. Like me you will wonder why we should pay just to talk, and just where will this 40 billion euros suddenly appear from? Whoops, borrowed and interest paid on the borrowing, of course!

The EU will not expect Mrs May to name a figure at this stage, but wants detail on exactly what Britain is prepared to pay for. EU sources said Brussels would refuse point-blank to say in writing that a better financial offer would be accepted. Point blank refusal from the EU, total capitulation from the UK!

But no deal IS now an option. As a barrister reported the other day “The EU is digging its heels in. But this isn’t the cataclysmic option many people think. In fact, with a simple conformity deal, the no-deal scenario would work very well for the UK indeed.

“It would benefit not only the UK and EU’s businesses, but their citizens too. But we must not accept a deal at any cost. It now seems the EU is trying to force us to comply with all their regulations and tack to the ECJ rulings, without even the possibility of free trade. This is unworkable. It’s time to walk away, and the way to do it is through our ‘Most-Favoured-Nation’ status with the World Trade Organisation that denies other countries including the EU the right to penalise the UK”.

Once again we see this country on its knees while the so called super state gloats at our weakness. It’s shameful.

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