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Be Prepared In Case Of Floods


21 November 2017 2017/214

Be prepared in case of floods

West Lancashire Borough Council is encouraging residents to be prepared for floods, and to check if they need to take steps to protect their homes. The storms of Winter 2015, had devastating effects for some West Lancashire residents. It caused the worst flooding ever recorded in West Lancashire and almost 300 properties were flooded internally. Many people had to leave their homes because of the damage and did not return for a number of months.

It is the responsibility of residents to protect the property they live in, whether they own or rent their home. The Council wishes to remind residents that it does not provide sandbags and the Council website provides advice on where to get help about flood prevention equipment and home insurance.

Information to help residents decide if they should take steps to protect their property is provided on the Council website. There is also information about what to do if a flood occurs. Visit

If you wish to report a flooding incident, or have concerns that your property may be immediately at risk of flooding, please contact the Environment Agency on 0345 988 1188 where Environment Agency staff with up-to-date information will be able to assist you.

Alternatively you can visit where you can also sign up to receive flood alerts.

Councillor Kevin Wright, portfolio holder, said “We understand how homes and communities can be devastated by flooding and we want to help residents be prepared and become more resilient. We urge people to go to the website, look at the flood awareness pages and consider what action they should take.


  1. WLBC reminds me of a fireguard made of chocolate.

    • A WLBC councillor has responded “In response I would direct the author of the comment to the links on the WLBC page which clearly show that WLBC is not the body responsible for flooding protection but LCC as LLFA and EA. WLBC is merely flagging up the correct bodies to contact in the event of a flooding rather than assuming such responsibility. Therefore the author is correct as it would be unwise the extreme to put a chocolate fireguard to such use as it would be totally inappropriate use of confection which should be eaten rather than applied to a purpose for which it was not intended!”. Touche!

  2. That’s quite correct- whilst WLBC isn’t directly responsible for rectifying the situation, it is directly responsible for creating a significant part of the problem by allowing entirely irresponsible and totally unsustainable levels of development in the area whilst being the first to shrug its shoulders and claim ‘not my problem guv’.

    • Planning is now the “fine art of deception” by all levels of government, right down to WLBC. It stinks!

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