Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 15, 2017

Pseudo-Scientific Assertions On Brexit?

A week ago I read an official UK Government report that stated “In 2016, the UK exported £236 billion of goods and services to other EU member states. This is equivalent to 43.1% of total UK exports. Goods and services imports from the EU were worth £312 billion (53.9% of the total) in 2016. The UK had a trade deficit of £82 billion with the EU in 2016 but a surplus of £39 billion with non-EU countries” [Source House of Commons Library]

So I find it strange to read a letter in the Champion today  from MT by email that indicates the writer is concerned about us being honest and realistic about a possible negative impact of Brexit. Isn’t a trade deficit of £82billion with the EU already negative enough about remaining in the EU? But the remark that MT makes about Brexit being an incredibly complex issue…followed by his tart remark “…let alone the horde of pensioners who seem to know more than the average Nobel prize laureate” is, frankly, gratuitous crap. This “professional scientist” is no more likely to reason the minds of 17,410,742 leavers even if we were all a horde of pensioners, than the losing 16,141,241 remainers.

Once again it’s not so much pseudo-scientific babble as a denial of democracy. That’s the honest and realistic situation. And I do like this new EU map  showing the UK to have already left the EU.

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