Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 13, 2017

An “Independent” View Of A Parrs Lane Grid

 Independent LCC member for West Lancashire East Paul Greenall has posted a message and the picture above of a Parrs Lane road gutter grid. And he writes “A grid along Parrs Lane in Aughton. Only visible after I excavated it with my foot. Makes you wonder why we have flooding!”

Parrs Lane has a major problem, its gutters from near the Long Lane junction down to the Island House are filled with pavement-high mud, road debris, and general litter all congealed to cover grids and cause surface water not to drain away. There is a section where some residents clearly take action to remove the debris and keep some grids clear, and then there is the bottom one third or so of Parrs Lane that has growth of grass and weeds filling the gutters and grids. There are at least five grids at serious risk of overflowing.

We can reasonably ask why two Aughton Park ward Tory councillors haven’t been to “excavate” the same grid long before Cllr Greenall arrived to do it and expose the total neglect there. Surface flood water running off Parrs Lane onto Prescot Road and thence into Town Green Lane is an annual event, and the Aughton Surgery sandbags tell their own tale! One of the ward members was cast out of Halsall and is in post for Aughton Park only until May 2018. The future, as ever, is in the hands of the electorate.

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