Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 9, 2017

Democracy À La Carte?

As we all know, democracy has many faces, and here in West Lancashire “Brexit” democracy is proving to have some extraordinary and unique facets, one of which is old fogeyism as defined a few weeks ago by RW in his letter to the Champion. RW was seemingly besotted with “referendum promises”. People of RW’s age would not live as long as young people, he declared, and anyway the referendum result, only 37% voting leave, was “advisory”. So perhaps RW was unaware that MPs from across the House of Commons voted for a referendum by a margin of almost 6 to 1, and that it was one of the biggest democratic exercises ever, with over 33 million people from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar all having their say.

RW seems to be echoing what LibDem Cable (aged 74!) is saying, if you are over 60 please go elsewhere, your lack of education and nostalgic cravings mean that your vote was ill judged. The EU morphing into a full blown federalist project is irrelevant, it is better for you, don’t you know?

This week there are three letters in answer to RW. The first, from S Garrett of Burscough, wants to point out a few uncomfortable truths. He notes that German Chancellor Merkel was elected with only 25% of the electorate, and that Tony Blair’s landslide victory in 1997 was garnered with just 30% support, or, 70% not wanting him, and that’s a mandate? As Mr Garrett puts it “Time to stop moaning and accept EU result, it’s called democracy!” Read his letter above [click to read].

Meanwhile Eric Beaumont wrote about “Remainers’ attitude is condescending” while expressing his wish for this nation to regain some semblance of national self-respect rather than be ruled by a bunch of self serving bureaucrats who have created the longest and fattest gravy train ever”

And an “Ormskirk resident” declares “no wish to be part of Euro super state”.

So now we are left with the fact of “divisive Brexit”, watered down or not. What leavers want is no wasted Brexit bill, no cowering to the EU, no expensive transition, and the memory of the simple fact that after 40 years of EU membership the UK GDP has increased by a measly 1%. Do we really want more of the same, courtesy of the United States of Europe?


  1. I’m pleased they published it.

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