Wretched Tory Political Stunt Replaced Political Service

As we all know, because Wally Westley has told us via a public statement on the West Lancashire Conservative website, Tory Councillors on West Lancs Borough Council staged a mass walk out at last week’s Full Council Meeting but, he claims, only after the conclusion of the Council’s business”. And he threw his toy out of his pram

and what followed was more of the pure bullshit expected of the abysmally run local Tory party. Westley has been a councillor since 2002, and he appears to be in blissful ignorance of the Borough Constitution up-dated 21 August 2017. Part 4 – Rules of Procedure 1. Council Procedure Rules 11. MOTIONS ON NOTICE 11.2 Motion set out in agenda Motions for which notice has been given will be listed on the agenda in the order in which notice was received, unless the member giving notice states, in writing, that they propose to move it to a later meeting or withdraw it. 11.3 Scope Motions must be about matters for which the Council has a responsibility or which affect the borough. So let’s be clear, conclusion of the Council’s business is a matter for the Mayor, not a bunch of Tory recalcitrants.

Westley continued in his statement “It is my firm belief that Motions should be relevant to the Council’s business…Labour had put 6 Motions on the Council’s Agenda, 5 of which had nothing to do with the Council’s business” So which of the Motions affect the borough? The Council Management had decided they all did, why else would they be on the Official Agenda. So in effect Westley has challenged the Chief Executive and her team. Of the six Motions, five were directly relevant to West Lancashire’s residents. Small Business Tax Burden; NJC Pay; Ormskirk ‘Night Market’; Student Accommodation; WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality); Minister for Older People. And one, Policing of Events at Orgreave, indirectly relevant as policing of our borough is a major issue.

How these people allow themselves to be led into oblivion beggars belief.

As ever, this Westley shambles gives the opportunity of ridicule to its opponents, taken with glee by Our West Lancashire . “In our last newsletter we focused on the poor attendance records of some councillors. Last Wednesday was the latest meeting of the Council. Of little surprise was the absence, once again, of the councillor with the worst attendance record. He will now drop below 20% attendance.However, more surprising was the walk out staged by the entire Conservative Group part way through the meeting.

They left the field of play for important motions on: * the £1.3 million funding gap facing West Lancashire as a result of our high percentage of student housing; * a motion on Ormskirk’s recent night markets; * and a motion on the injustices caused to women in their late 50’s and 60’s arising from the equalisation of the state pension age.

All these were important matters and yet the so-called ‘main opposition’ had gone home. Residents who voted Conservative deserved better. They got it, asIndependent councillors from Our West Lancashire remained to scrutinise and challenge the ruling Labour group instead”. And they quote Cllr Marianne Overton, Leader of the Local Government Association Independent Group “The most important point is not who ‘controls’ the council, which is a rather outdated approach to local government, but who leads it. Who sparks the creative vision and leads the council to success in serving its residents? Who listens, considers fairly and makes good decisions for their residents?”

Westley said “Motions should seek a meaningful outcome and not just be used as an opportunity to stage a meaningless political debate and the writing of a pointless letter to the Government”. Remember the walkout and that statement when you are invited to vote for Westleyist candidates next May. The other day Residents of Aughton Park received these cards  from dumb and dumber, their councillors who had walked out and left Aughton Park unrepresented and you will note their assistance and advice is by phone or email. “Working hard for the people of Aughton Park”. What a cynical claim! “We walked out on the people of Aughton Park” is exactly what they did.

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