Popish Disregard For The Views Of Residents?

In a letter to The Champion, Burscough resident Gavin Rattray reminds us of the 96.3% support for the parish poll rejection of the Yew Tree Farm housing development, and the 4,000 signatories to the Parliamentary petition against it. Yet a political claim has recently been made that Burscough residents’ want the development to go ahead. Read the letter here  [click to enlarge]

Newburgh Cllr Pope lives in Lathom, an area not known for raw sewage rising up from inadequate drains. Borough Cllr since 2006, now a recently elected County Cllr for Burscough, (which IS known for raw sewage rising up from inadequate drains) and Rufford.

In the memorable WLBC Full Council meeting on 16 October 2013 Cllr Pope is recorded as having voted FOR the Local Plan including Yew Tree Farm. And it is his remark at a planning meeting that draws the ire of Gavin Rattray.

Perhaps SOME Burscough residents DO want the development? Perhaps they are the 3.7% who didn’t support the parish poll? But five years on and no end in sight to regular raw sewage events will not endear Pope to those who suffer from them.

2 thoughts on “Popish Disregard For The Views Of Residents?

  1. wlbcarepants

    That Pope can show his face in Burscough at all is pretty amazing, given the strength of objection to YTF there has always been. That he states in the planning meeting that Burscough people WANT this obscene level of development actually shows the level of contempt that Pope holds for Burscough.

    1. westlancashirerecord Post author

      Another case of someone facing both ways for the good of the party…never mind the public. But with his local party staggering towards oblivion there is some comfort in watching that happen.


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