Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 17, 2017

More Secrecy At Council

Tomorrow at Full Council there is a matter to be debated, “Senior Management Structure”, that will be held in secret, as being “Not Open to The Press and Public”.  We can only wonder why the matter of this top heavy [click to read]   and very expensive  group of people should be kept from the people who pay for them all, we council tax payers. Transparency is not a priority at WLBC. It’s time it was! Every employee of this public council should be made aware that all matters of their salaries and conditions of employment, and the full structure within which they work, are rightfully of concern to the public.


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  2. They treat the taxpayers like mushrooms….keep them in the dark and throw sh*t all over them

    • That’s now par for the course. We are simply tax payers, milch cows, of no concern to the spenders.

  3. Webber’s West Lancs is nothing to be proud of.

  4. Any word on why all Tory Councillors walked out of full council last night? That means no Aughton residents represented.

    • Childish behaviour as you will see from the Westley statement soon to be published, and not just Aughton.

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