Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 17, 2017

And Now, The End Is Near

…and so I face the final curtain. Cllr Paul Greenall’s final departure?

He tweeted “It’s now final, I’m a Conservative without a home and until the Tory Party sorts out its pathetic playground bullies, it’ll stay that way”. 2:24 AM – 17 Sep 2017

Dear @Conservatives my FB post says it all.  Please delete me from your records & send no more correspondence #TheEnd

Seems like the nasty party got nastier. Threats, bullies, expulsion, all have become the vocabulary of the Lancashire Tory party.


  1. Does Cllr Greenall expect anything different from the nasty party? It seems to have taken a long time for him to wake up and smell the coffee. Then again, how many have died following “fit for work” benefit sanctions thanks to that vile Party? That’s your beloved tory party for you, Cllr Greenall.

    • While we all suffer from the effects of national politics, such as taxation and the NHS, we have, or should have, a closer affinity to local affairs. But we read more and more about internal strife at borough and county level that beggars belief. Cllr Greenall is unique in exposing what’s going on in his county party. When might members of all parties show us the internal arguments that eventually reflect on services for local people? They receive allowances and add-ons that should be forfeited if they aren’t open with the public.

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