Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 13, 2017

Is It Sour Grapes?

From Sam Currie on twitter “My thoughts on @rosie4westlancs latest betrayal of leave voting #westlancs

Local Tory Councillor [and defeated Tory general election candidate] Sam Currie has slammed Rosie Cooper for voting against the EU repeal bill. Currie has popped up again on QLocal . Seen as the second hurdle for leaving the European Union, the bill passed with cross party support on the night of 11th September.

“After all the rhetoric MP Cooper has thrown out about respecting the will of the people with regards to the EU, she has now shown herself to be the phoney we all suspected she was. She campaigned for remain and then tried to sit on the fence and say she would go along with the will of her residents when her side lost the referendum. The fact is, she was whipped into voting this way and she put party before people. This is wholly unacceptable and I urge her to explain these actions to the good people of West Lancashire who deserve to know why she has pulled the wool over their eyes”.

We must all wait for what our MP has to say about her vote. But Currie’s “sour grapes” reference to her being whipped is a bit silly after the description ex-Tory now Independent LCC Cllr Greenall gave of being accosted in the LCC gents toilets by the Tory county whip prior to Cllr Greenall’s departure to the Independent benches?


  1. Actually I agree with Currie on this, but then I never expected anything different from fence sitter Rosie.

    • Sam Currie will be pleased with that support. I believe all whipping is an affront to democracy, but voting for a party instead of a candidate gives parties that power.

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