Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 11, 2017

Aughton Parish Council Meeting Report

A month ago we reported that “During the recent meeting Cllr Grant mentioned the absence of any of the WLBC/LCC Councillors at APC meetings. It was decided that APC will write to the Councillors suggesting that they should create a rota to ensure that at least one of them attends each APC meeting. Why bother? As we regularly comment, only one of five local Tory WLBC members’ lives in the parish, the others being three from Halsall and one from Haskayne. If the political party they represent dumps candidates on us what else do we expect other than to be ignored?”

So whatever happened they turned up mob-handed tonight, the Westlephants and Doreen Stephenson, the Halsall Tory residents, and Sam Currie, Downholland Tory resident . Also in attendance was Independent Cnty Cllr Paul Greenall, noticeably not sitting with his former Tory councillors, but why would he be associated with them? We like his recent pic, a delicate coloured sketch .

While nine members of the public attended too, the Tory APC Chairman gave priority to the paid councillors over the public at question time, with Cllr Greenall having a later meeting to attend about some local highways issues. Also introduced were new APC councillors Dr David Gallagher  and John Pendleton .

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