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How Will Rosie Cooper MP Vote On Monday?

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper  was one of 498 MPs who voted in favour of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill to enable the government to trigger Article 50 ahead of their end of March 2017 deadline. Speaking to the Champion, MP Rosie Cooper said “In 2011 I voted to support a Commons motion calling for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. I believed then that the British people needed to have their say on our relationship with the EU. It was clear there was and is huge disillusionment and we need an opportunity to step-back and consider our relationship.

“I voted for the Bill triggering Article 50 last week because the British people have now had their democratic say and a majority have chosen to leave the EU. Here in West Lancashire 55% of people voting also chose to leave the EU. Throughout this process I have championed the right of British voters to have their say and absolutely believe those wishes have to be honoured”.

We might now assume that Rosie will continue to support the democratic choice and maintain her absolute (her word) belief in it.

By chance the local West Lancashire Conservative Party lauds the Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim,  a stated remainer. His first taste of political life came when he was elected as a local Councillor on Pendle Borough Council in May 1994. He served in this role for eight years, during which time he held many key chairmanships. First elected to the European Parliament in 2004, he was re-elected in June 2009. Since becoming an MEP, he has established an enviable reputation on the European stage. He represents more than 7 million residents of the North West of England – covering Cumbria, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire. He is a Conservative MEP by democratic choice, just as Rosie Cooper is a Labour MP by democratic choice. The party writes “He continues to work for a reduction in EU regulations on small businesses, believing that excessive legislation is restrictive and impedes success and growth, something that is particularly relevant in the current economic climate”.

But it seems to have escaped his notice that it is his Conservative Party in government that is committed to Brexit. He has written why he “believes the nation is on a path to “disaster” and argues his colleagues need to change their approach to leaving the EU. He mentions former Foreign Secretary William Hague and the Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP, in his inimitable way has been clear on his views on Europe and still believes the UK should not leave the EU. He has now called for other pro-EU MPs to follow his lead and has stated “I agree totally with their position. I know that as an MEP who supported remaining in the EU my voice will get little hearing. People need to listen to Lord Hague and Kenneth Clarke MP and trust their judgement”.

Well, Mr Karim, as a member of the older generation with some knowledge of the early career of Kenneth Clarke MP, I recall him being a Government whip from 1972 to 1974 and with the assistance of Labour rebels he helped ensure Edward Heath’s government won key votes on British entry into the European Communities (which later evolved into the European Union). I recall the statement made by Heath that “”There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified” in a television broadcast on Britain’s entry into the Common Market, January 1973.

That “Common Market” was something I voted for only to find it was going to be based on a plan to move it forward to full economic and monetary union, “the ultimate creation of a European federal state, with a single currency. All the basic instruments of national economic management (fiscal, monetary, incomes and regional policies) would ultimately be handed over to the central federal authorities. The Werner report suggests that this radical transformation of present Communities should be accomplished within a decade”. Source public document PRO/FCO 30/789. Political trust has been in short supply ever since then, deliberate deceit becoming normal with everything EU related. How many of us now recall the famous Sunderland metrication case in 2001 when Judge Bruce Morgan said “This country quite voluntarily surrendered the once seemingly immortal concept of the sovereignty of parliament and legislative freedom by membership of the European Union … as a once sovereign power, we have said we want to be bound by Community law”.

This MEP is listed locally with the likes of Cllr Sam Currie who a week ago said “We’re fortunate those negotiating Brexit actually believe in Britain. Imagine it was left to remainers who talk us down & want it to fail”. He could have been describing remainer Sajjad Karim MEP, who is not as absolute as Rosie Cooper MP in her determination to support us?


  1. We will be watching Rosie closely tomorrow to see how she votes.

    • Yes, and presumably having shown her commitment to democracy the majority “leave” vote will be upheld by her.

  2. I voted ‘NO’ in 1975. Even as a young student, I knew there was another agenda, and there was/is.

    • I was one who was convinced by the need for trade as we struggled to repay the USA war loans, and as usual with such people running our country I was too trusting of them.

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