Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 28, 2017

Still No Lift At Aughton Park Station

Back in February the then Tory WLBC member Paul Greenall was electioneering for LCC West Lancashire East. He came to Aughton Park station  and “raised what his fellow useless Tory councillors for Aughton Park haven’t bothered about before”. He asked “Why doesn’t the Aughton Park @merseyrail station have a lift, like others on the Northern Line?” and we told him “Despite being in West Lancashire, Aughton Park station might just as well be on the moon, because it’s in the Transport Authority for passenger transport services including rail, and that’s provided by Merseytravel for the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority. And they can and do discriminate against West Lancastrians by hiding behind the Rail Franchise. In this case they break the law by discrimination against wheelchair users, for example”.

Paul Greenall won the seat and since then has resigned the Tory party whip over member allowances, notwithstanding being approached in the County Hall gents’ toilets by “Whipper-in-Chief O’Toole”. He’s free to really represent the disabled Aughton Park residents who are discriminated by the stairs only access to the railway platform.

As it happens the Strategic Report of Merseyrail Services Holding Company Limited shows that the accounts for 53 weeks ended 9 January 2016 included expenditure of £1,600,000 “…for the construction of lifts at Formby Station which was completed in September 2015”. There is no shortage of cash to undertake the provision of lifts elsewhere, with the company cash balance of £28,900,000, an increase of £12,100,000 year on year [click to read].

So come on Cnty Cllr Greenall, use your independence by seeking justice for disabled people discriminated against by Merseyrail at Aughton Park and prove you care as you supposedly did when wanting votes?


  1. I don’t know how the Disability Discrimination Act words it, but I thought there were exemptions for locations where there was minimal need or it was otherwise unfeasable to provide such facilities?

    Comparing locations such as Formby station to Aughton Park is also like oranges and pears. Formby is very busy indeed whilst AP, only a mile from Town Green and similarly close to Ormskirk, is by comparison very little used.

    • I doubt there are exemptions for such a large organisation as Merseyrail that provides services and should not discriminate against disabled people, all services should be equal. But my point is that LCC Councillor Greenall used this as a reason for him to be supported by the Aughton Park electorate and he should now follow it up. The proximity of Town Green and Ormskirk stations as choices for disabled people are irrelevant to what the Equality Act was intended to do. Let’s hear what Cllr Greenall has to say about it?

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