Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 24, 2017

Armed Police Passing Through Halsall?

The spurious claim made in June about the information being provided legally and peacefully in Halsall that “An anti-fracking protest had been set up” has led us eventually to information previously known only to police and politicians. As we have already reported, there is now in Lancashire a dedicated “Divisional Police resource for Fracking Protest”, a post which has its own additional cost to all policing.

But now we can report that advice emanating from MI5  via the National Threat Assessment Centre has led to what is described as “the reassurance operation for the General Election” even though none of us knew we were being reassured! In a written reply to Rosie Cooper MP  [click to read] about why armed police were in Halsall, Lancashire Constabulary now claims they were “passing through Halsall”.

This seems not to be altogether true as the police log refers to “Armed Response Unit – dedicated Divisional resource for the Election, were on patrol in West Lancs and self deployed to the incident” which was being reported on via “Police radio”.

Be that as it may, there is a telling comment in the letter that “no offences had been committed”. Describing it as “an incident” is itself giving credence to the crass stupidity of the original complaint. No surprise there knowing who made it!

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