Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 16, 2017

Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be?

Turmoil at the seat of county power ? Our West Lancashire  has published a report from the Lancashire Telegraph about “More falling out among Lancashire county Conservatives as a councillor with 32 years service quits the party and sits as an Independent. The reasons aren’t clear but it’s notable that neither of the two councillors who have resigned the Conservatives takes the handsome special responsibility allowances that the majority of the Conservative group do”.

Morecambe North Tory Cllr Tony Jones is reported to have disagreed with the way his party is now running the authority. The Tory Leader has suggested he is surprised by the decision because Cllr Jones has supported all the Tory decisions made since they took control of the county in May. Naturally enough the Labour group leader suggests the resignation shows Tory Group in crisis and meltdown.

But what might seem worthy of note is the role of the ruling party whip. We, council tax payers, fund the political whips. Seems that with two departures already our unwilling donations for the post are being wasted. No surprise there then, just sack the whips and save our cash!

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