Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 10, 2017

Town Green New Look Cockbeck

The Town Green Co-op store opened a few minutes ago, very smart, nice bench outside for Ted and Doris to rest on . Elsewhere, just a few yards away, Winifred Lane triangle, not so smart, in fact downright disgraceful with rampant grass and weeds  [click pics to enlarge]. The Aughton Parish Council will meet on Monday, not that the appearance of Aughton is on its agenda.

Aughton Parish Council. A Short Meeting Of The Parish Council Will Be Held On Monday, 14 August 2017, In Aughton Village Hall Annexe, Commencing At 7.30pm For Planning, Parish Finance And Urgent Matters Only (Plans Available From 7.15pm). The June APC Minutes show that The Chairman said County Councillor Greenall was taking up the matter of Long Lane [traffic and speeding] with LCC Highways and the police. He thought LCC money should be provided for a SPID, as in some other areas, and only after exhausting all avenues and, providing the statistics proved a need, would APC money be considered”. Perhaps road safety of local residents might become a first rather than a last option when APC is cash rich and drawing very little, if any, interest?



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