Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 7, 2017

Opening Of Town Green’s Co-op

Apparently the new “Town Green’s Co-op”   [click to enlarge] will be officially opened on Thursday by the Deputy Mayor Cllr Noel Delaney. How strange that while the role of the mayoralty is under consideration for dilution this new commercial enterprise attracts the “official blessing” of WLBC.

Why wasn’t a local, Aughton, dignitary asked to cut the ribbon? We have five councillors, although only one, Cllr O’Toole, lives in Aughton proper, the other four being residents of Halsall and Downholland. Cllr O’Toole is well versed in local official openings, having attended the Town Green Brasserie and the Moor Hall events. We have three Borough Aldermen too, Grant, Roberts, and Atherley, all members of the Aughton Parish Council. Perhaps the Co-op has connections that enable the Deputy Mayor to officiate instead?

Meanwhile, there is a local rumour circulating about the possible return of Dr David Gallagher  to the Aughton Parish Council, to fill one of its vacancies. Dr Gallagher is a former chairman of the APC. A long time Tory who fought impossible to win borough council seats while nepotism and peculiar selection procedures (favouritism) put others in safe Tory Aughton seats, Dr Gallagher joined UKIP and was actually the first ever UKIP chair of the APC, indeed possibly the first ever non-Tory chair before being given the elbow, but I stand to be corrected. Perhaps all will be revealed at the next APC meeting?

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