Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 28, 2017

Chief Executive’s Update

The WLBC Chief Executive writes to staff and councillors every two weeks about her visits and meetings, always with officers and elected members, but never, apparently, with members of the public who pay her annual salary package of circa £124,186 for 2016/2017. No mention is ever made that she sees the state of our roads, the unkempt verges, the clogged up road gullies that add to surface floods, the neglected public owned land. So, as usual, we reveal her West Lancs Now  always with a pleasant and attractive scenic view.

Today’s Update is no different. “The last two weeks have been busy ones, with the focus being on preparations for, and follow up to decisions of, Council on 19 July 2017, Ward visits, and key projects, including Skelmersdale Town Centre Regeneration.

“On Monday 17 July, together with Heidi McDougall, Director of Street Scene, and Michelle Furlong, Operations Manager, Street Scene, I was pleased to visit Moorside Ward with Councillors [Cllrs Aldridge and Devine?]. It was useful to see and talk about issues and aspirations that Members have in this part of our Borough”. What aspirations does she think the Moorside ward public have?

“On Wednesday 19 July, Council met and considered a number of items, including in relation to the results of Borough Council By-Elections 2017, Review of Political Balance, Treasury Management and Prudential Indicator Performance 2016-17, HRA Revenue and Capital Outturn, Council Plan Annual Report 2016/17, Apprenticeship Policy Statement and update on the Human Resources Strategy and Workforce Plan, Health and Safety Strategic Plan 2017-20, Electronic Records Storage and Management, and Policy Options for 2018-21.

“In relation to Policy Options, Council agreed a series of GRA efficiency improvements totalling £447k in 2018/19, rising to £547k in 2020/21, including a restructure within Housing and Inclusion Services. A further set of policy options totalling £312k in 2018/19, rising to £487k in 2020/21, were agreed for consultation over the summer, the results of which will be considered by Council in October 2017. Work on addressing the remaining GRA budget gap for 2018/19 will continue over the coming months.”

“On Thursday, 20 July 2017, together with Heidi McDougall and Michelle Furlong, I visited Burscough East and West, and Hesketh with Becconsall Wards with Members. Again, it was really helpful to be shown, and to talk through, the opportunities and issues in these Wards, and the knowledge and detail Members are able to impart in these visits is invaluable. [Did she learn first hand about the issue of sewage flooding in Burscough from Cllrs Davis and Evans? Did she learn anything from Cllrs Moon and Ashcroft in Hesketh with Becconsall?]

“On Friday 21 July 2017, we visited Halsall Ward [much to learn here from Cllr Mills about social isolation due to poor bus services, and the serious threat of flooding if the pumps are switched off] and on Monday 24 July 2017 Skelmersdale South [Cllr McKay] and Scott Wards [Cllr Delaney] both wards with problems. My thanks go to Ward Members for the preparation they put into these visits, and also to Heidi McDougall and Michelle Furlong for the work they will be, and are undertaking, in co-ordinating the follow up to each visit.

“As we head towards the recess, this is the last edition of West Lancs Now until Friday 1 September 2017. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer, and that those of you who are taking a break have a relaxing time”. Meanwhile the public will still see neglected and ignored street scene , and no doubt some of them will write to the Champion about the state of Ormskirk. What the “co-ordinated follow up to each visit” might be is any ones guess and will probably remain so. And with that report WLR is taking another relaxing break.

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