Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 26, 2017

OWLs Fly Higher At Council Committees

As a result of the recent OWL  victory in Derby Ward the Constitution of WLBC has been reviewed for political balance. Of the 111 seats available on the Committees, the Labour Group are entitled to 64 seats, the Conservative Group are entitled to 43 seats and Our West Lancashire are entitled to 4 seats.

It means that, for the period ending with the next Annual Meeting of the Council, or such lesser period should the political balance or allocation to political groups change during the year requiring a review under the provisions of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, the allocation of seats to the political groups be as agreed at the Annual Meeting of the Council on 17 May 2017, subject to:

(i) Standards Committee – replace 1 Conservative Member with 1 OWL
(ii) Audit & Governance Committee – replace 1 Labour Member with 1 OWL
(iii) Licensing & Gambling Committee – reduce 1 Labour Member and increase 1 Conservative Member.

And that the Leaders of each Political Group advise the Borough Solicitor in relation to the names of the Councillors in respect of 2.1 above and Section 4.1A of the Council’s Constitution be updated accordingly.

OWL Ian Davis joins the Standards Committee; No announcement yet of OWL on Audit and Governance Committee.

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