Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 21, 2017

Paul Greenall, Rebel, Man Of Honour?

Cnty Cllr Paul Greenall  tweeted “When I stood for election in May, I said I wanted to be a New Voice @ County Hall 4 my community. Well today, that voice has spoken”. And he is history as far as the local Conparty is concerned, as all traces of him were removed from their website pages overnight. He took on Westley for the County seat and won it, leaving Westley to the not so tender mercy of Labour’s Nikki Hennessy in Ormskirk and then when Paul Greenall resigned his Borough seat the last Tory switched off the Derby ward lights and the OWLs completed a rout. Three former Tories, all gone, the slide into Derby ward oblivion complete.

The opening paragraph of the Conservative Party Constitution is clear, says a party agent. “The primary objective of the Conservative Association is ….to promote the objects and values of the Conservative Party; to provide an effective campaigning organisation; and to secure the return of Conservative candidates at all elections”. There is no mention of our primary objectives to be to run garden parties, fall out with each other at Executive Council meetings and squabble over the ownership of the photocopier”.

He goes on “Locally we must accept that the Conservative Party is a national brand with branches throughout the country, just like Sainsbury’s, NatWest Bank, or Hilton Hotels”. Seriously?

“Can anyone here imagine Sainsbury’s allowing a feud between a store manager and his assistant managers to continue to a point when the store does not open its doors or stack the shelves; …but we allow feuds, often decades old, to result in dysfunctional associations failing to meet even the most basic requirements set out in the constitution. Sounds familiar!

“Can anyone here imagine NatWest allowing a branch manager to refuse to sell mortgages as she does not believe in them…yet we allow Chairmen and Management Committees to refuse to campaign or canvass or run GOTV as “they don’t believe in it”.

“And can anyone here imagine Hilton Hotels employing people who continually lose customers due to an inability to use basic IT; yet we elect as our local leaders people who lose votes and membership due to their inability to use email and social media.

“I know of no other organisation which has such a laissez-faire approach to how its local branches work or are perceived; we have no Key Performance Indicators, impose no quality control, provide no training, turn a blind eye to continual non-performance and incompetence and fail to assess what, if anything, is being achieved”.

Surely that applies here in West Lancashire and particularly in Aughton where we have the Wally Westley approach to leadership, false accusations of electorate lies? Continual non-performance, incompetence, nothing but failure being achieved, oblivion just around the corner? Not exactly a national brand, more a case of Alf’s Corner Shop ?

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