Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 21, 2017

Aughton Park And Independence

Local Conservatives are control freaks. Labour may be too, but we have hard evidence of local Tory control freakery after County Cllr Paul Greenall  claimed he had faced unacceptable pressure when he wanted to table a motion calling for the axing of some of the LCC allowances councillors can claim.

Call it internal party politics if you like, but we, the electorate, are the external recipients of their control freakery, as with the Local Plan. The electorate of Aughton Park Ward ought to be celebrating the independence of Paul Greenall after yesterday’s events. Is it the first time ever that Aughton Park is free of party politics? Control freakery puts borough deadbeats into seats, but that’s obviously not Greenall’s outlook. Just look at what he faced. There would be consequences; the prospect of being removed from the freakery group; he needed dispensation for free speech, from O’Toole and Driver.

As we know, he complained he had “been approached even in the gents” before the meeting. Greenall, who represents West Lancashire East and is a former Tory Mayor, said “I wanted to be a new voice in this council chamber, However if I allow myself to be suffocated by rules imposed on me by the Conservative group I feel I have no option to resign the Tory whip and continue to serve this council as an independent”.

After the meeting he said “I feel I’ve not been treated with any respect at all….I have been Conservative since I was a teenager. I’m very upset”. Well, Aughton Park will more than likely give Cllr Greenall all the respect he needs. He has joined the “no respect” club, those accused of telling lies door to door, and the infamous accusation “Now, I come to Aughton Parish Council, and we’ve had a hard time from some of you lot. I mean, there’s been a lot of disrespect, a lot of un-pleasantness. You’ve been quite an arrogant audience there”. “You lot, disrespectful, unpleasant, arrogant”. That’s the electorate a councillor was describing!

Paul Greenall went higher up the Tory food chain than O’Toole and Driver by asking the Tory Secretary of State “do your comments under Rebuilding trust mean you oppose Party whips in Local Councils? Thanks, Paul”. No reply, no surprise! Well now the control freaks have one less to whip. One who can devote himself to people and not a party, to road traffic issues, the infrastructure, the greenbelt. Show what an independent can achieve, that’s all Cllr Greenall has to do.



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