Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 20, 2017

Cllr Greenall Resigns Tory Party Whip At LCC

 In the last few minutes County Cllr Paul Greenall  has opposed his party in respect of special payments made from public funds to Tory party duties such as whips and secretaries, and following derogatory comments by his fellow Tories he has resigned and moved to being an Independent Member. In his speech he referred to being approached in the gents toilets about his intentions [O’Toole admitted it was he….cries of oooohh from the Chamber]! He stated he refused to be suffocated by rules that allowed parties to benefit from around £18,000 annually for the party posts. In resigning his party membership he was applauded for his principles by some opposition members who later voted to approve the full package of members’ allowances! In a later discussion it was disclosed that 35 out of 46 Tory county members receive special responsibility allowances, a matter that should shame them all. Update…In his own words Cllr Greenall has said “Despite reference to consequences & possible removal from @LCCToryGroup, 2day I advocated a reduction in Cllr allowances & resigned the whip. On top of a £10.3k allowance County Councillors can claim travel & meals 4 attending meetings. Today I tried to stop this!” pic from Mike showing Cllr Greenall in his new role as an independent [watch it here] .


  1. Well done Mr Greenall. 35 out of 46 have a special responsibility allowance? They’re going to need a larger trough at County Hall – disgusting.

    • They were whipping for 1% more off tax payers, and that really is disgusting. Cllr Greenall was brave to stand as he did and not give way. The council minutes should be really interesting when they are published.

  2. What a shocker! Fancy that- a Tory having some morals. Better late than never, I suppose.

    • Yes, a councillor putting the interests of the electorate ahead of his own is a remarkable event. Being independent of the WallyCons puts him in a different class.

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