Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 19, 2017

Student Voting

At the monthly meeting of the West Lancashire Pensioners’ Forum yesterday the Chairperson Margaret Boulton [seen centre in this pic  copied from the Champion, click to enlarge] produced the “green flyer” we have all received that states “Your Vote Matters” and includes “This House Is Occupied By Students” copied here .

She went on to ask Cllr John Hodson, our guest speaker, to explain its effect on council tax income for the borough. After explaining why he thought it was minimal a debate among members indicated great concern that there must be a revenue loss and there must be unacceptable profits for student landlords, albeit their companies would pay taxes to central government.

The Electoral Commission states “A student who has a permanent home address and a term-time address can be lawfully registered at both addresses. If an elector is registered to vote in two different electoral areas, they are eligible to vote in local elections for the two different local councils. However, it is an offence to vote twice in any one election. Such an offence could result in a fine of up to £5,000”.

And lo and behold, it seems that electoral fraud is suspected by some students voting twice in the general election, a claim made all the greater by them bragging of how they did it. One vote being a core principle of democracy is hardly endorsed by the right of students to vote twice in local elections is it? Simple enough to stop it, a single sentence amendment to the relevant electoral law.

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