Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 18, 2017

West Lancashire Borough Council Efficiency Plan

Recently WLBC produced an Efficiency Plan which includes “Delivering efficiency savings. Earlier this year a new senior management structure was implemented, which will enable the Council to continue to focus on its priorities but at a reduced cost. Similarly the internal audit service will be restructured over the next few months to provide the same level of service but with a financial saving. Staffing structures will continue to be reviewed to consider any opportunities for employee efficiencies”.

We recently wrote that three senior officers on very high salaries each had some responsibility for the same matter, including grounds maintenance, caretaking and gardening, and trees and landscaping. Street Scene, Housing and Inclusion, and Development and Regeneration.

What is efficient about that as a “savings” or “reduced cost” system? Look at the new senior officer remuneration page of the WLBC Statement of Accounts, below  click to read. It is truly shocking in the scale of some pay rises year on year. Every few weeks the Chief Executive issues a “West Lancs Now” report to staff, but not to the public, as in this shot always choosing a picturesque view of the borough. Why doesn’t she show the not so picturesque dreadful state of roundabouts and grass verges?


  1. Instead of cancelling scrutiny meetings as they did last month, our councillors should roll up their sleeves and hold the officers to account.

    • That’s right, how can anyone think no scrutiny is acceptable? There should be more of it.

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