Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 17, 2017

County Councillors To Vote Themselves A Pay Rise

Residents of Lancashire will wake up on Friday to find the Lancashire County Councillors  have probably voted themselves a 1% allowance rise that we will fund. The deal is that “Whilst the Council’s 2017/18 budget did not include provision for a 1% increase, it was likely that the 1% increase could be met from within the existing Members’ budgetary provision. The Council’s Medium Term Financial Strategy would have to be adjusted to provide for any future increases. The Panel recognised the financial position of the Council but felt that the allowances should be uprated in  accordance with provisions of the Scheme, and to ensure that the allowances  were not seen as a barrier to people wishing to stand for election to the Council. £10,466 might not be enough?

Recommendation (2) to Full Council: That the 2017/18 Basic Allowance,  Special Responsibility Allowances and the Carers/Dependents Allowance be  uprated in accordance with the 1% staff pay increase for 2017/18.

Even the supplements like Group Whips and Group Secretaries will increase. Why should the public pay for these party fees, it is a total disgrace and should be stopped forthwith.

My complaint about the Public Right Of Way No Foot Path 25; Parish Of Aughton; District Of West Lancs is resolved “The problem you reported on the above public right of way has been investigated by the County Council’s Public Rights of Way team and the outcome is described below. Nature of Report: Public Footpath 25 leading from Prescot Road to The Serpentine and Whalley Drive is flooded and school children whose parents’ park in both roads and walk to Town Green Lane have no firm footpath to walk on. Resolution: The surface of the public footpath has been improved by the Public Rights of Way Team, the kissing gate has been removed to improve low mobility access. The falling fence post will be removed in the coming days”. The area close to the Foot Path is still a grotspot  and needs serious attention, but it’s not unique to the whole area?

The Aughton Parish Council met and it seems there was barely a quorum of councillors present. A member of the public is reported to have spoken at length to offer a big thank you to WLBC and all who had an involvement in the recent Manchester High Court Hearing for the Wainhomes Parrs Lane planning application against WLBC. The judge found in favour of WLBC quashing the inspector’s decision, so on behalf of the Chairman and members of the ARG, once again a big thank you to WLBC, and we appreciate the high costs of the Appeal. The residents of Aughton should also be very pleased at the results.

WLBC have now acknowledged that Long Lane does have a speeding problem, and it is understand that further action will follow by WLBC. The police are also now concerned and the resident also stated that it now looks like the new Police Inspector who recently attended the APC meeting is now doing something about the residents’ concerns regarding the speeding problem on Long Lane. Last weekend it received a visit from the mobile speed trap vehicle, action at last!

Our resident also brought up the problem of uncut grass verges and the state of all in the Aughton area, especially from the Robins Island section through to the Ormskirk roundabout. It is now in a situation of danger to pedestrians and car drivers, unable to view oncoming traffic; gutters are also blocked as well as drains.  Councillor Wally Westley stated that the new Conservative elected Council are also actioning this problem and have sacked the new contractors responsible for verge cutting due to poor quality etc. It was stated that the Aughton area is a mess considering that we live in a very affluent area and something needs to be done soon.

The new Cockbeck Co-Op was granted opening times until 23:00 every night, something that will have a poor effect on local residents. The Co-Op is also applying for the construction of an acoustic fence to the rear for noise reduction associated with chiller units and air conditioning units. And they have offered to assist with local community work. They have volunteers to undertake this work if APC can confirm requirements. APC are to look into this. Perhaps they should ask the Co-Op to keep the village greens mown regularly, after all the APC won’t spend our own precept doing it!

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