Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 6, 2017

Idle Parish Council Cash?

Three years of the Aughton Parish Council accounts [click to read]   show it received “Precept or Rates and Levies” averaging £56,564 annually. Its “Total value of cash and short term investments” has risen from £102,221 to £109,239 at a time when some of Aughton’s residents have been pleading for SPIDs to be purchased for Long Lane. The answer is always no.

In addition to the above, the accrual of more “Total fixed assets plus long term investments and assets” from £302,407 to £309,770  shows no intention in the short term of this Parish Council ever spending for publicly requested assets, like SPIDs. Perhaps it’s time for a public requirement that the next precept imposed on them should be at least halved? Is that what the Clerk and Chairman  might be discussing? And with that thought WLR is signing off for some leisure time, until further notice.


  1. El saddo, love the hat! what a looser who posts this lot!

    • What awful spelling and grammar from the “man of letters” who perhaps fancies himself as a writer?

  2. have a long rest WLR and reflect. Very easy to be negative. we need positive people in the community.

    • My rest has been full of reflection. I reflected on the statement made to the WLBC Full Council in 2013 that stated “Now, I come to Aughton Parish Council, and we’ve had a hard time from some of you lot. I mean, there’s been a lot of disrespect, a lot of un-pleasantness. You’ve been quite an arrogant audience there. But I’ve come to say a few words about what’s been going on in Aughton. Now, we live, I like to think we live, in a very progressive country. Er, we’ll come to Aughton in a minute. I want this country to be a forwards-thinking, entrepreneurial, multicultural society, for our children’s children, and our great-grandchildren. I do not want this country to become a backwards country, like Belgium perhaps or parts of the US Midwest”, and the facts are undeniable, that residents of Belgium and parts of the US Midwest were accused of being backward, truly disgraceful accusations. Are they still your opinions?

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