Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 5, 2017

Footpath Works

The saga of the dangerous concrete post in Aughton is not yet resolved, but hope springs eternal! In January 2017 Cllr O’Toole was told officially that “I have spoken to a colleague who says there are works planned for improving the surface of footpath Aughton 25 and removing a kissing gate that inhibits access. Although the fence post is not on a public right of way (it is on the unrecorded cut-through that joins it) and is the responsibility of the adjacent landowner it seems that a practical solution is for our contractor to remove it whilst on site”.  As seen here  [click all pics to enlarge] the leaning post remains as it was,  dangerous and subject to tree root movement that could collapse it onto locals including children who use the footpath . Other work seems to be complete as all the machinery and signs have disappeared and there is a poor layer of tarmac   at the Prescot Road start of the footpath.  The Prescot Road pavement adjacent to the footpath resembles a tip  with rubbish and  overgrown foliage limiting the pavement width . A grot spot par excellence?

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