Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 3, 2017

Is LCC Cllr Paul Greenall A Unique Tory?

Self confessed Tory rebel Paul Greenall tweets “I said if I got to County Hall in May I’d keep in touch with residents, and here I am tonight keeping that pledge” as he publishes this picture . He also stated “On top of a £10.3k allowance County Councillors can also claim travel & subsistence for attending meetings. I will not claim these extras!”. On being challenged “A good, left wing ideal. You’re in the wrong Party” he replied “No. Conservatives are good custodians of public money!”. They weren’t when the Westley Arms was serving alcohol to councillors paid for by council tax payers!


  1. I wonder if this Tory ‘idealist’ enjoyed free drinks at the Wezza Arms. Given that he had his turn at playing Mayor, i imagine so!

    • Extremely likely, the “not so free” booze paid for by tax payers, and don’t forget the “no records were kept” admission by the officer concerned with the booze accounts!

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