Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 2, 2017

Dear Aughton Parish Council

Dear Chairman of the APC. Having spent public money on entries for the “Best Kept Lancashire Village” for Holt Green and Aughton, could you please arrange to cut the grass and weeds at the corner of Winifred Lane  [click to enlarge? The LCC and WLBC between them leave it in a mess as seen here and there is no prospect that Aughton might win a prize other than the “Class for the highest grass and weeds grown in Lancashire”. But with public funds of over £100,000 in the Aughton Parish Bank Account a small investment in maintenance by the APC might improve our prospects? The same might be said of the “Gateway to Aughton” at Springfield Road  where we might win the “best display of gutter and pavement weeds “prize.

The April APC Minutes show that “…a resident spoke about Agenda Item 10 – the Public Meeting in Halsall on ‘Fracking’ and the possible effects of ‘Fracking’ in Aughton. He suggested an improvement to the Lancashire Constabulary Website on crime reporting. He then gave his views on the non-completion of the Housing Land Environmental Scheme on Town Green Lane and the poor maintenance of grass cutting on these grass verges compared to the Housing Land at The Grove. He suggested the Parish Council should apply to adopt this land.

The Chairman said this would set a precedent for other ‘green areas’ to be taken over by the Parish Council putting an extra financial burden on the Parish Precept. In the non-parished areas, such ‘green spaces’ would be funded from the Council Tax.

Borough Councillor David Westley explained the designated Housing Land grounds maintenance regime for Town Green Lane and The Grove. The “explanation” was anything but helpful for providing an answer to the disgraceful state of the village.

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