Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 1, 2017

Borough Chief Executive Receives History Lessons

The weekly report  of the £109,000 a year paid borough Chief Executive includes “On Wednesday 21 June, together with Heidi McDougall, Director of Street Scene and Michelle Furlong, Operations Manager, Street Scene, I was pleased to visit Knowsley and Aughton and Downholland Wards with Councillors. It was good to hear at first-hand about some of the issues, and opportunities, and the history of these wards. The matters raised with us on these visits will be followed up appropriately and feedback provided.

“On Friday 30 June, again with Heidi McDougall and Michelle Furlong, I was pleased to visit Parbold Ward with Councillors. I am grateful to Councillors for spending time with us in visiting their wards”.

Grateful for Councillors spending time in their wards? What on earth does she think they were elected for? Without knowing where the Chief Executive lives, nevertheless she’s worked here for a long time and must see what we all see every day, the street scene shambles of what residents tell us in “Letters To The Editor” of the Champion such as these [click to read]. It’s not history she needs, it’s quick and effective action on these so called matters raised that the whole borough needs.

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