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How Graham Jones Embraced Social Media

It seems that WLR has offended Graham Jones, the man who thought nothing of making his unfortunate speech at Full Council and about whom, after a 2013 meeting of the Aughton Parish Council, the excellent QLocal website published a report that contained this mention of “…the absence of Coun. Graham Jones, PC chairman (who one wag said is anything but) who was away on business. There is evidently a joke circulating in the parish about him which goes something like this ‘What’s the difference between the great Belgian detective Poirot and Coun Jones? Poirot at least has a clue what he’s talking about’ a barb aimed at Jones whose amazing comments at the last full Borough Council meeting when he went ‘off message’ with demeaning references to the Belgians”…and Aughtonians.

Graham Jones became Chairman of the APC again in May this year. As such he is bound by the APC Standing Orders including “The Clerk is required to compile and hold a Register of Member’s Interests and Dispensations, or a copy thereof, in accordance with agreement reached with the Monitoring Officer of the Responsible Authority and/or as required by statute”. It is highly unlikely that any statutory register by any parish councillor should contain inaccurate or out of date information otherwise what is the point of it?

And, Graham Jones created a Facebook page
and has invited public participation on it by asking readers to sign petitions for “Helen’s Law” “Northwest Against Flooding” and “Imprison or Deport the 3,000 On the Terrorist Watchlist”. And he used his profile when he contributed to the Our West Lancashire Facebook article on

Graham Jones hasn’t been libelled, he hasn’t been called a liar, and the word “copyright” does not appear on any part of his Facebook page.But he takes exception to WLR by commenting “how sad to be lifting photos from my FB!”. And also “What a sad life you lead, Mr Lenton! Please do report me to the Standards Board. No wonder nobody wants to go into public service!”. Well, as Graham Jones knows, my own current public service is to be a voluntary unpaid NeighbourHood Watch co-ordinator, the merits of which may or may not exceed that of being an Aughton parish councillor depending on the parish councillor?

There is some sadness in my life…once a month I attend the APC meeting so as to report back to Aughton’s parishioners on how the APC is managing our money and our assets because its website doesn’t do it. Hopefully my news shines a light on events there, and my sadness is in realising the few hours I spend there is time I will never recover. But perhaps any sadness in any of our lives pales into insignificance by those involved in the continuing demise of the nasty local Tory party?

As for the Standards Board, why raise that as an issue? If standards are expected and not met that’s down to the individual, surely? And do these “nobodies who don’t want to go into public service” include the exceptionally highly paid Aughton borough/county multiple hatted councillors who’ve been paid £29,000+ and £49,000+ for some years of their unwillingness to undertake public service?

The Aughton Parish Council has been described for many years as the “Tory party at prayer”. The West Lancashire Conservative Association and some of its members dumped into Aughton have treated some parishioners with insults and disdain. I don’t recall any of those parishioners ever receiving an apology.

The worst public slur of all, the false accusation of campaigners telling lies door to door, stands on the record without one ounce of regret. That slur took place in the Aughton Parish Council meeting of December 2013 and the very bland APC minute states “ APOLOGIES [For absence) were tendered on behalf of Councillor Jones (Chairman) “…The [vice] chairman welcomed Borough Councillor David Westley to the meeting. Councillor Westley spoke briefly on the adoption of the West Lancashire Local Plan (2012-2027) DPD, the meeting held at the Borough Council offices with the Aughton Borough Ward Councillors and representatives from ARG 2012 to discuss the WLBC Local Plan, mainly the Parrs Lane Plan B site, and Neighbourhood Planning. Councillor Westley left the meeting after further discussion with local residents present”. Luckily the “further discussion” press was present and the entire exchange recorded and published. Here it is again , one of the most used but true news stories WLR publishes, and will re-publish, as often as the subject of local Tory nastiness raises itself. On the other hand, an apology for and withdrawal of the false accusations, to Aughtonians would ensure its disappearance.


  1. Good to see ol’ Panto Jones dredging into the digital age. I hope his skewed opinions have, also, and that he won’t be further insulting either Belgians OR Aughtonians any time soon.

  2. Being continually stalked is both sleazy and flesh crawling. Totally obnoxious behaviour lifting photos off my FB.

    • The same applies as below. Why don’t you apologise to the people of Aughton for what you said about them in the WLBC council chamber and withdraw the insults? I would then withdraw the articles that offend you.

    • Eerie silence from Panto. Oh…and is that Tumbleweed I see rolling….?

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