Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 29, 2017

Panto Jones Lives On?

Do you remember Graham “Panto” Jones making his amazing speech to WLBC Full Council? It’s become local folk law! On 16th October 2013 at public Full Council Councillor G Jones expressed views about Aughton and Aughton residents that insulted and abused them. He stated  “Now, I come to Aughton Parish Council, and we’ve had a hard time from some of you lot. I mean, there’s been a lot of disrespect, a lot of un-pleasantness. You’ve been quite an arrogant audience there. But I’ve come to say a few words about what’s been going on in Aughton. Now, we live, I like to think we live, in a very progressive country. Er, we’ll come to Aughton in a minute. I want this country to be a forwards-thinking, entrepreneurial, multicultural society, for our children’s children, and our great-grandchildren. I do not want this country to become a backwards country, like Belgium perhaps or parts of the US Midwest”.

And then the storm erupted. WLR wrote “Our very own Aughton Councillor Jones provided the best of British panto with a speech that, while having nothing to do with planning, had the audience rolling in the aisles with the best comedy act ever seen in the Chamber. Here, below, is how he did it, courtesy of a Roger Blaxall QLocal pic. It brought tears to our eyes, although we didn’t see the funny side of him when his vote helped to put our Green Belt land under tons of concrete in the very near future. We think he said that he wants Aughton, and the country, to be multicultural … unlike Belgium, which we haven’t seen mentioned in the West Lancashire Local Plan and whatever else he said even had his own party in hysterics too. It was priceless and he is a likely candidate for Panto Dame at Aughton Village Hall in December”.

There has been much water under the bridge since then. Graham Jones is Chairman of the Aughton Parish Council although his official details are out of date as he still claims to be a borough councillor  [click to read]. And he has contributed to the debate on the attempted £130 green bin snatch in the Crosshall Court Sheltered Housing case.

Making his contribution on the Our West Lancashire Facebook [click to enlarge]  Graham wrote “Perhaps the PF holder is hiding in the Green Bin!” a dig at Cllr Kevin Wilkie. As he also showed the link to his own Facebook  we can report on his possible penchant for the Beatles John Lennon as he posed almost incognito by the Cavern Club statue. Who would believe that cap?


  1. What a sad life you lead, Mr Lenton! Please do report me to the Standards Board. No wonder nobody wants to go into public service!

    • For somebody who uses the public and social media as you do why do you object to anyone referring to it?

  2. how sad to be lifting photos from my FB!

    Panto Jones

    • They are public media publications. Didn’t you want them seen and commented on? Why publish them?

  3. How sad that someone who claims to “serve” the public be so quick to insult them in such a crass and disrespectful manner. Disgusting.

    • Absolutely. But tory service in Aughton is always to insult us first. We are used to it by now.

  4. How sad and rather seedy to be continually stalked. I find it rather disgusting.

    • It would be sad if you were being stalked, and disgusting too, but you’re not. The people of Aughton found it disgusting in 2013 when they were referred to as they were. The Portfolio Holder for Street Scene might find it disgusting for being stalked on the OWL facebook when it was suggested he might be hiding in a green bin.

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