Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 23, 2017

Police Cash For Community Projects

Do you recall being told that “Mr Grunshaw has promised that any increase in council tax will be directed to local policing to maintain teams” when the Police and Crime Commissioner wanted more money?  Having  taken an increase it seems that it wasn’t all directed to local policing but £80,000 of it was given to groups and organisations for Community Action. Read the Champion report of it here

By chance, also reported in the Champion, the Big Lottery Fund handed out huge sums of money to local community groups. Read the Champion report here  [click to read both].

Doesn’t it seem odd that while the PCC is given increases year on year from direct taxation but doesn’t spend it all on policing, the Big Lottery Fund gives money from people voluntarily gambling on the National Lottery and it goes to the same type of community schemes? How many SPIDs to help make dangerous roads safer would £80,000 buy?


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