Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 21, 2017

Derby Ward By-Election Hots Up

Vote for OWL Ian Davis for Derby Ward and you’ve voted for a Tory In Disguise, or alternatively you’ve voted Labour. Either way, it seems OWL has terrified the life out of our two main parties, and it’s all down to one man. Adrian Owens, by the published admission of the Tory candidate, split the Tory vote and let Labour win seats on the County and Borough councils. Or, according to Labour “…now we need to take Derby ward off the turmoil Torys and keep the Tory OWL party from getting another TID (Tory in Disguise) on West Lancs Borough Council”.

According to the WallyCons “Voting Our West Lancashire is a vote for Labour”  [click pics to enlarge]. Is the Conservative Party led by Wally frightened of a “protest group [of one!] intent on grabbing a newspaper headline”?

Houlgrave, beaten out of sight in Up Holland in 2016, is now a retread for Derby ward. Just as Stephenson, beaten in Halsall in 2016, was a retread for Aughton Park. Is there no new talent in the WallyCons as they slide away into oblivion?

Readers of the WallyCons leaflet will see reference to scrapping Labour’s unfair Green Bin Tax. We can surmise they didn’t consult two hatted Wyre and WLBC Cllr Moon who voted both ways on green bin taxes and probably understands more about personal member allowances than much else.

Houlgrave, home address at Croasdale House, Croasdale Drive, Parbold, makes much of wanting “Derby ward to be an even better place in which to live and raise a family” . Her personal details show she declared sponsorship and “election expeses [sic]”  from South Ribble Conservative Association. How much might the Derby ward electorate see of this WallyCon if she is elected? About as much as Aughton ever saw of the Westleyphants and Ms Bailey, not much.


  1. Tories have no chance here. It’s a straight fight between OWLs and Labour. Labour are very worried if their Facebook threads are to be believed. Wild general accusations of lies from OWLs but nothing specific as from what can see everything OWL says is factually correct.

    I see next Thursday’s Overview and Scrutiny committee has been cancelled. Clearly party political campaigning on by-election day takes precedence over holding the council’s cabinet to account.

    • We are in the age of rage and accusations versus facts, and the public are the losers. I am surprised the O&S meeting has been cancelled, it could have been re-arranged?

  2. The Tories show their cynical and hypocritical side once again. When they had control of WLBC, they let Edge Hill and its associated student letting have free reign in Ormskirk. They oversaw a steady decline in the town centre and a rapid loss of balance with regard to the types of shops. They also essentially privatised Park Pool, a community asset which was originally partly funded through public subscription.

    • What they also show is the appalling leadership of their party. The party is in rapid decline. Some of its own members don’t canvass locally for their own candidates. For the GE Greenall, Burton, and McCarthy, all went to Southport, Wirral, even Bury, instead of staying in their own patch. Says it all really, the dead fish rotting from the head down?

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