Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 19, 2017

Will OWLs Clean Up The Derby Ward Election?

In what is sure to be a close contest for the Derby ward by-election OWLs  are showing they can clean up what others neglect. They took their cleaning equipment to a filthy bus shelter  in the ward and left it in pristine condition . Now, can they mop up the seat? They think so as they claim…”West Lancashire Borough Council made a surplus on its Revenue Account of £391,000 in the last financial year equivalent to 5% on council tax.


“Now, Our West Lancashire is calling for a reversal of recent changes saying they are not necessary. Councillor Adrian Owens, who served as the Council’s Finance Portfolio Holder for six years said “The council have been saying they are having to making cuts to balance the books, but these figures showing a large cash surplus for the last financial year show this isn’t the full picture. There was no need to introduce a charge for garden waste collection or the damaging cut to the funding of the Wellbeing Centre for Older People in Ormskirk. They should be reversed.”

He concluded “Currently our streets and verges look unkempt and uncared for. The council should spend some of this surplus, which is residents’ money after all, on providing the services that matter to residents”.


  1. Any underspend, or surplus will be spent in the borough of West Lancs, it won’t be spent cleaning up bus shelters that are the responsibility of Lancashire County Council. There was a budget gap of just over a million this year and next year there will be a 2 million pound gap.The council’s history of delivering underspends is grinding to a halt and we will soon witness the reverse. I will predict that the green waste levy will produce savings of £700k (500k estimate by WLBC) a year. If this was not part of the budget then this figure would be added to our budget gap of £1million+ this year and £2million next year, just imagine facing a 4million pound budget gap next year and trying to make out a £390k underspend would solve all our problems. If I could reverse the Conservative cuts made to our authority, I would be able to reemploy refuse collectors, grounds maintenance and street cleansing operatives, reverse the green bin levy, support our community centres, reinstate concessionary travel, and keep open sport centres that the previous Conservative councillors let go. Councillor Owens was one of the Conservatives who approved cutbacks to our frontline services reducing staff numbers but here today thinks they can be avoided. Next year the Lancashire county council waste partnership ends and our refuse and recycling budget will be reduced by 950k. The revenue received from the green bin levy will not cover this reduction. The cuts to frontline services are effecting us all, so if you think our streets and verges look unkempt and uncared for, ask yourself what is the full picture? Who is to blame? And Why? And then look at who is picking up the pieces, it’s the hard working staff and Labour councillors of West Lancashire BC.

    • That’s a party political article that needs to be on leaflets for Derby ward voters rather than in comments here. This website does its best to accommodate every party view, Labour, Tory, and OWL. No other local website does it, and any party that wants an article published should send it by email and mark it for publication. As for the cleaning of bus shelters, the grime accumulates on them for a long time, not overnight, and the old LCC didn’t do it, just as the new LCC hasn’t done it. Looks like Dad’s Army must get fell in permanently then?

  2. I thought some of the bus shelters belonged to the Borough Council. Shouldn’t the Borough Council clean them? Honestly, I’m fed up with this pointing at the other council and saying it’s their fault that WLBC and LCC indulge in. Just pull your finger out.

    • You may be right. And we the public don’t see any difference, our one annual or twelve monthly council tax payments don’t differentiate by telling us all the different work done by each council. I do though remember the Halsall £10,000 oak bus shelter. Any advance on £10,000 wasted elsewhere?

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