Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 18, 2017

The Chumocracy Confetti System Stinks

This is Johny Johnson  MBE as of Saturday. Decorated war hero . Dambuster . You may be unaware there is a blog about the Dambusters. Young people should know of it and read it. They, and we, are here because of people like Johny Johnson.

We’ve had a torrent of criticisms of the “Honours” scattered like confetti system. Last year alone 48 awards given to the Cameron Chumocracy. In one fell swoop Cameron awarded devalued, debased, discredited, grubby, tawdry, tainted, tarnished, gongs and titles. Many last year pointed to the absurdity of giving awards to Samantha Cameron’s stylist and other assorted hangers-on. Luvvies demand them, and those awful awards appear to be at best irrelevant baubles, at worst egregious favours, serving more to divide than to unite us. The House of Lords has long been a costly embarrassment. Its benches are stuffed with cronies and dodgy donors, it is more like a doss house where the dossers receive £300 a day to sign in and then leave. Johny Johnson didn’t want an honour for himself, he’s already decorated for the ultimate bravery. But that MBE as a Dambuster was the same award given to a singer! The “Chumocracy Confetti System” stinks!

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