Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 15, 2017

Honoured To Serve

Some people are honoured for service to the public while others serve themselves and in the process receive honours. We all know about the OBE (Other Buggers’ Efforts) and the MBE (Many Buggers’ Efforts) sometimes given to local politicians. But in his annual report to the Aughton Parish Council Cllr O’Toole thought we should know HE was honoured [click to read] to be invited to an official opening of a local “high quality” hotel and restaurant, Moor Hall. It’s a freebie do, where the local great and the good come together to sample fine wines and dine on various specialities just to launch the venture and spread the word. There may have been other local politicians there. Perhaps it celebrated the successful passing of planning applications, who knows?

By chance, Cllr O’Toole mentions the “successful Town Green Brasserie” and together these facilities “maintain Aughton’s status in West Lancashire as a very nice place to live” [in?]. Supposing they are affordable to the Aughton plebs rather than the political elite that may be true. But we recall Cllr O’Toole also attending the freebie official Town Green Brasserie launch, pics here  .

What’s next? The “new addition to Moor Hall, the Barn” that will be opening in September. Perhaps Cllr O’Toole will complete a freebie hat-trick if he’s re-honoured to be invited to that too and we’ll hear about it at the Aughton Parish Council next year. Who needs an OBE with such delectable honours bestowed anyway?

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