Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 13, 2017

Public Health, Wellbeing, And Speeding Traffic

Aughton Parish Council (APC) received and made public last night a letter, partial content here [click to read] from the LCC Director of Public Health and Wellbeing (DoPHW) about “Traffic speeds on Long Lane Aughton”. It came as a surprise that it is the DoPHW who seems to have more accurate and actionable data than we’ve ever seen before. But it is no surprise to residents who have endlessly drawn the attention of the APC to the problem. As a prominent member of the APC pondered last night, what would the reaction be to a fatal or serious accident when previous police denials are now shown to be inaccurate. But accidents have happened already as shown here   [thanks to Roger Blaxall of QLocal for use of pics]. We now need permanent SPIDs as shown here , no on-road/pavement parking at or near the Aughton Park Station , and prosecutions of offenders. Modern SPIDs have memory facilities of 40 million images, surely enough for any area under threat of serious roads health and wellbeing to take action?


  1. Solar powered SPIDs the way to go.

    • That’s right, and if the rich parishes like Aughton with £102,000 in the bank won’t pay towards the SPIDs needed, the public ought to withhold payment of the precept.

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