Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 9, 2017

Rosie Cooper Big Winner In West Lancashire

Rosie Cooper  won with 32,030 votes and her majority increased to 11,689 in a 74.2% turnout . Her Tory opponent Sam Currie received 37.4% of the vote. He said “Congratulations to Rosie Cooper. It has been an honour to stand as a candidate in this wonderful constituency. Over the past few weeks I have been delighted to see the passion and dedication to politics from all sides of the debate right here in West Lancashire. The result didn’t go the way I was hoping on this occasion but to have increased the Conservative result by 4000 is tremendously humbling. Genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you. Sam”.


  1. Lol good old Rosie might be there alright, but she’s usually sitting on the fence. Congratulations, Splinter.

    • Track record maintained by Rosie, track record for Wally nominations fails abysmally?

      • Tbh, West Lancs is poorly represented on both fronts.

      • Probably.

  2. Got to share this, whilst out canvassing yesterday a lady of 98 kept me at her door for over 1/2 hour and could not of spoken any higher of Rosie, This lady (ex RAF) was celebrating 77 years of marriage and looking forward to her 80th wedding anniversary. Sylvia remembers everything from the time she met her husband to all the tough times in the war and also how hard working Rosie has been. I was honoured to have met such a lovely gracious lady, and I have promised Sylvia I’ll be popping back when she does celebrate that 80th wedding anniversary. So whilst some people think Rosie sits on the fence I can assure you those who I have 100% respect for think otherwise. So Well done Rosie keep up the good work.

    • What an amazing Lady. She was seemingly born during WW1 and apparently served in the RAF in WW2. I myself was born in 1939 and can remember my Dad coming home in late 1945 after 6 years service in the 11th Armoured Division including Europe and Dunkirk, West Africa and with General Montgomery at Tobruk, finally back into Europe on D-Day to win the war. My parents were married for 68 years but this lady exceeds that and is a wonderful example of the British spirit. It’s why elderly people are worthy of the care the country provides but now seems in doubt.

  3. Unfortunately Rosie is a political turncoat. A Lib Dem candidate for many years that got fed up of losing and seized the opportunity of replacing Colin Pickthall in the safe as many houses seat of West Lancs. And from what I hear, she was lucky not to be deselected, being saved by the election timing…

    • I haven’t heard anything like that, about de-selection, but anything’s possible in today’s politics.

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