Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 8, 2017

Halsall At The Centre Of A Spurious Complaint?

News reaches us that a legally authorised and peaceful anti-fracking information gazebo situated on the Halsall Memorial playing fields today became the centre of a “spurious” complaint by a local resident. The Memorial Hall housed a polling centre.

The local resident was seen taking photographs of the gazebo and its occupants shortly before an Official Electoral Inspector arrived in response to a complaint received. It is reported that a complaint about the gazebo was also made to the Lancashire Constabulary  who attended in force by way of two police cars and four officers, who apparently stayed for some considerable time monitoring the anti-fracking members sitting inside the gazebo who were causing absolutely no offence, obstruction or protest, but were merely there to present informative and factual information to a small number of Halsall residents who are perhaps not allowed or able to have an opinion on the fracking issue?

One can only wonder how and why, with such scarce police resources, that four officers were deployed to this legal and peaceful presence of local residents all at the behest of another local resident whose property wasn’t remotely affected by the gazebo or its occupants? Presumably crimes were being committed elsewhere that needed these officers to investigate? No doubt there will be an official notice in due course, but the presence of the Electoral Inspector implies there was a complaint made in respect of the nearby polling facility.

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