Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 7, 2017

Well, Would You Believe It?

Eddy McCarthy and Paul Greenall have continued to flaunt their support for anyone but Sam Currie as they were pictured in Sefton last evening campaigning to help Denise Dutton the Conservative Group Leader on Sefton MBC on behalf of Sefton Central candidate Jane Marsden.

Dutton tweeted “Great night campaigning with colleagues from West Lancs. Lovely to meet up again”.

Meanwhile, here in West Lancashire a “probability” poll shows Rosie Cooper with a “Labour win chance of 67%” based on those asked who are “certain to vote” tomorrow. But Theresa May holds a “52% preference” for Prime Minister against “41% preference” for Jeremy Corbyn. The Brexit acceptance holds steady at 54% with a further 19% remainers who accept the Brexit result.


  1. Can the country survive another 5 years of the Selfservative Party? Greenall’s hardly a good advocate of saving the NHS when it’s HIS team that are hell bent on flogging it to their mates. Eddie- grow a backbone and support the MANY not the FEW.

    • Can we individuals survive another five years of any of them? We pay council tax and are then surcharged for the green bin service, the one that Tory Cllr Moon voted for in his first priority council, Wyre, and then voted against in his second priority council, WLBC, but always picks up two allowances. We pay for the NHS, education, highways, parking, staff pensions, councillor allowances, and all the rest, and the only constant items are the high allowances for WLBC members and the free all day parking for WLBC staff.

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