Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 5, 2017

Overgrown Verges A Threat To Safety

How much longer will austerity be used as a threat to road safety? Letters to The Champion raise the issue again read here  [click to enlarge]. As things are today some of the A59 has been cut, but directly opposite the Royal Oak, a main crossing area for pedestrians, has not.   

So let’s repeat again what was published a few weeks ago on the same subject “June 2016 West Lancashire Borough Council announced it is “…advising residents of changes in relation to the maintenance of grassed areas adjacent to the district’s highway verges and major roads from this summer. The changes affect highways with speed limits over 50mph where grass verge cutting has, for a number of years, been carried out by the Borough Council on behalf of Lancashire County Council, as the highways authority. Due to funding changes, from 1 July, the work will again be carried out by the County Council. Any queries should therefore be directed to LCC as the Highways Authority. Roads affected include the Rainford bypass; roads around Skelmersdale including Grimshaw Road, Stannanought Road and Neverstitch Road; and parts of the A59 through Aughton, Ormkskirk, Burscough, Rufford and Tarleton”. Trees never planted on pavements are seeding everywhere now to cause problems too .

Exchanges revealed between residents and WLBC show the work “…was passed to LCC last year and then farmed out to a private contractor who will only do work on an ‘ad hoc’ basis!!! This is totally unacceptable to WLC and a meeting has been arranged for the 16th June with LCC to iron out the problem”. And “If you have out-sourced the work to private contractors they should be taken to task because the job is not being done, or if it’s purely a matter of funding then it needs careful consideration before a child is killed or OAP trying to cross in front of traffic that is of course only travelling at the road speed of 40 mph!!! Please take some action before it’s too late”.

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