Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 3, 2017

Aughton Park Labour Rose

As the Aughton Park ward by-election nears the climax, Labour is “fighting to protect Parrs Lane from development and to protect Long Lane from speeding mania” [click to enlarge]. The Aughton Parish Council (APC) keeps on rejecting the use of its, and parishioners’ “cash in the bank” for the benefit of local residents who just ask for a strategically placed SPID where the danger is greatest, near the Long Lane junction with Parrs Lane. [click to enlarge]

One resident of Long Lane continues to ask why funding from the +£100,000 reserves is never available yet other bids succeed. He was recently told “The Parish Council considered all the competing bids for capital and revenue funding at its Estimates Meeting in February following which a recommendation was made to the Council in respect of the Parish Precept. The Parish Councillors have to have regard to the whole of Aughton and also rely on both local knowledge and information received.  Lancashire County Council and the Highways Department do not see ‘speeding traffic’ as an issue and that is based on their own inspection and no doubt input from the Police.  The increased use of Long Lane for long term daytime parking, espectially near to Aughton Park Station, appears to have slowed traffic down”. But residents know better as they describe speeding events by lorries and farm vehicles as regular occurrences.  It might be opportunist for Labour to campaign as above on these issues, but where has the support been for residents by Currie and Stephenson? If this ward, ripe for some local independent residents to stand up for it, is picked off by party politicians who will be to blame?

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