Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 2, 2017

Why Do Wally’s Members Go Elsewhere To Support Tory Candidates?

Is there an internal feud in the West Lancashire Conservative party? Just wondering again why Paul Greenall hasn’t been seen supporting Sam Currie but has been seen in Southport supporting Damien Moore who by all accounts may take the seat. And then there is Eddy McCarthy, also seen in Southport but not in West Lancashire. What about Tom Burton, seen in Liverpool and Wirral West  [click to enlarge] “Out doing my bit for Tony Caldeira in Wirral West” and “Great to lend a hand to turn Wirral West blue!” and of course “Out doing my bit for @paulvgreenall #Paul4WLE” for the LCC.

Perhaps that “snide” accusation against Paul Greenall by Wally is deep seated and remembered? And who took Wally’s old LCC seat? And not forgetting to ask “Where is Cllr Moon, surely a huge vote winner for Wally? Told to stay in Wyre?”

Cooper to win and rub Wally’s nose in it? Not long now, all to play for!


  1. Is there an internal feud? Is the Pope…? Do bears…?

    Tories are riven with division locally. Actually, the alternative is worse – unity behind their current leader.

    • Hmmm…perhaps the aftermath of this election will be interesting then.

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