Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 1, 2017

Sam Went For A Haircut

After our pondering about the Currie silence and absence he’s back…he went for a haircut, perhaps hedgehog has gone ! Not that there is a five day wait to see your barber, it’s not the NHS! He’s tweeted “Had a haircut today. My views on terrorists remain the same. Wonder which hairdresser Abbott uses” and on Facebook “Back out in Ormskirk today having just had a haircut. Unlike Dianne Abbott who changes her opinions based on what hairstyle she has, I have not changed mine. Remember, if you vote Labour on June 8th, you vote to put her in charge of the security of you and your family. Don’t risk it. Vote Conservative”.

Sam’s obsession with Abbott might be for national interest, she being a likely Home Secretary in Corbyn’s cabinet. But closer to home Sam told us, as local candidate, about electing an MP who lives in the constituency. He didn’t go far enough. What about WLBC members who have two council obligations?  [click to read]

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