Posted by: westlancashirerecord | June 1, 2017

Cuadrilla’s First Shale Rig In Place In Lancashire

Cuadrilla installed a conductor rig this morning at its shale gas site at Preston New Road in Lancashire. A company spokesperson said the rig was designed to set the conductor pipe, the first layer of well casing, into the ground.  pic by Frank Hill.

The spokesperson said the conductor rig did not represent the start of drilling. Spudding the well required the full-size drill rig, expected to be 53m. But a local resident reported that “The conductor is the first string of steel casing installed. It is large diameter and set shallow to provide structural support for the well and a conduit for the drilling fluid to be returned to the rig system and controlled. It prevents the unconsolidated ground near the surface being washed out and protects the wellhead cellar.

“Usually onshore, the conductor is pre-installed before the main drilling unit arrives on location to drill the well. The main rig may not have the capability to drill/install the large diameter conductor casing. Also conductor rigs are lower cost generally. Conductor rigs can drill and cement or pile drive conductors depending on the surface geology. Once the conductor(s) have been installed ,the conductor rig will be demobilised and the main drilling unit will be brought on site”.


  1. This is not good. Am absolutely not a fan of fracking with the current technology platform available. My take is, there is loads of cheap energy around at the moment – coming from big landscapes which have small populations. Would sooner take advantage of those sources – let’s leave our stuff in the ground until the tech has improved, a lot….. Also, I’ve heard noises that in view of possible future droughts – govt want to make better uses of underground aquifers. Liquid always finds a way, can the Cuadrilla Crew 100% guarantee that the pumped-down filth doesn’t find its way into these pristine reservoirs? I don’t think they can.

    • It’s all about cash, profits, political donations, so far as I can see. A “shale wealth fund” to bribe communities to allow far greater wealth for the overseas owners behind Cuadrilla.

  2. Don’t always agree with Stodgey but I do here. With oil at $50 a barrel and new technologies developing all the time, there’s simply no need to frack.

    • Deals done, deals to be delivered, never mind the technology, this area will be the shale centre of Europe. Imagine that as we stumble through with this small area with a big population and top class agricultural land possibly being ruined.

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