Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 31, 2017

Apathy In Aughton Park?

Not with a GE being held on the same day. But residents ought to remember the Aughton Park Ward Conservatives In 2014. In the amazing intouch Conservatives Spring 2014 edition  we were told about  a “Green belt housing victory”, a “cross border criminal threat”, Labour to scrap lollipop patrols”, “Council tax frozen [with GovGrants]” and “we have successfully fought off High Court challenges from the likes of Trafford Centre developers Peel Holdings to protect our countryside”! But not, as it happens for too long! And what a phrase to choose “Green belt housing victory” in 2014 when the proposed Aughton Park housing development will be before the courts in 2017!

Among this news was a major statement that after 22 years representing Aughton on the council and 6 years as leader, Ian Grant had decided to retire. And Aughton Conservatives chose outsider Sue Bailey to succeed him, endorsed by Ian Grant and Graham Jones. What followed is notorious. It started the decline and fall of the local Conservative party to what it is today, a rabble. And now Sue Bailey has left the Aughton Park seat, for some reason we know not but she’s not missed. Indeed, we might well ask and make the point, why fill the seat when its recent representation was not apparent, only to pay someone equally useless? Leave it alone and save £4,840 of taxpayers’ money! But democracy must have its way?

And so we come to Aughton Park Ward Conservatives 2017. Next week history will repeat itself. Another outsider, with such a miserable record of failure to represent the electorate of Halsall as they expected that she was dumped out of office, will be elected. Aughton Park will have in office this confirmed failure nominated by, among others, Ian Grant and Graham Jones, As has been said so often “Aughton would vote for a goat” or even a sheep if it wore a blue rosette, as it will .

As for the GE, Sam Currie came up with this souvenir picture, standing by a naval helicopter  [click to enlarge], when he actually flew a desk as a Signals Store Operator or “Able Rating”? For publicity it looks better, and invokes an illusion, but illusionists perform better on a theatre stage, not a GE stage?

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