Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 30, 2017

Sam’s Cocked-Up, Again?

Having quoted Sam Currie yesterday that “Furthermore, it’s important to note that whilst many [out of 5?] candidates will give lip service to protecting our front line services such as schools and the NHS, I am the only candidate who these services actually affect as I am the only one who lives here. My son was born in Ormskirk Hospital. He goes to a local school. It is within my own interest as well as the interest of the residents of West Lancashire that the best possible funding for these services is protected” it must be true?

But it’s not true is it, as the official election nomination details show [click to enlarge]. Two other candidates live here. David Braid lives here, home address in Burscough Road Ormskirk, and Nate Higgins lives here, home address in Wigan Road Ormskirk. Why should they be wrongly accused for the false claim that only Currie is “actually affected” by the NHS? Currie lives at 3 Kings Close Haskayne and is entitled to no more or less public service than Mr Braid and Mr Higgins receive. But they were entitled to believe they would be respected by a candidate for a major party. What a shame they weren’t!


  1. He betrays his inexperience with such a claim. Why do so many politicians open their mouth before engaging brain?

    • He’s clearly showing he’s a novice. Why would his party need a novice for such an important election? It’s one thing to put him in a safe ward for the council, but this is proving one thing, there is no talent in the Wally Westley led local Conservative party.

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