Posted by: westlancashirerecord | May 29, 2017

More About Sam Currie

Sam Currie lives in West Lancashire with his partner Michelle ”the “better half” as he claims. He has been remarkable for his average inputs as a member of the Borough Council while representing Aughton and Downholland ward. He was a sailor who served 6 years in the Royal Navy, until August 2015. And by some “sleight of hand” or a political miracle he was a borough councillor on 5th May 2016! As a “leave” voter he claims he is “The only candidate who believes our economic future lies outside the EU. Any vote for anybody other than Theresa May’s Conservative party in next month’s election will weaken her hand at the negotiating table and will have serious negative impact on the lives of those in West Lancashire”.

He claimed that “Recently, I got the transport minister to the area to discuss Burscough curves and the transport in and around Skelmersdale. These factors will be high on my list of priorities”. Well good luck with that, we’ve been there before  as these nostalgic pictures show….

“Just this week I got the flood minister up and took her to the Alt Crossens catchment, Burscough and Parbold to show the impact floods have on our area. I will work closely with her and the South Ribble MP to ensure a workable solution is found”. And good luck with that too, been there done that  at the Rosie Cooper Flood Forum!

“Furthermore, it’s important to note that whilst many [out of 5?] candidates will give lip service to protecting our front line services such as schools and the NHS, I am the only candidate who these services actually affect as I am the only one who lives here. My son was born in Ormskirk Hospital. He goes to a local school. It is within my own interest as well as the interest of the residents of West Lancashire that the best possible funding for these services is protected”.


  1. Currie is only following Cooper’s lead as you show. It’s election time must be a photo of Burscough Curves or similar!

    • Currie should be guided by his party. They issued their “Reporter” GE special before Rosie Cooper made her statement to the press. They’ve failed Currie and themselves by making it a “Cooper & Labour Group Back Corbyn” when they should have made it a Tory “positive policies” newspaper. But it’s led by Westley, enough said!

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